Wedding Inspo - Desert Florals

For our little team, being located in the gorgeous state of New Mexico means that we get to experience all of the amazing traditions, tastes, and beauty of the Southwest. One of our all time favorite details we get to see in both everyday life and on wedding days are desert florals. Our hearts are so happy that more and more of our brides and grooms are embracing some of our most beloved desert plants and flowers in both live florals and desert inspired details. From cacti to succulents to pampas grass to protea flowers, all of these hot climate beauties are something to behold. Check out some of our favorite desert florals for lots of Southwestern inspo!

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Wedding Inspo - Writing Your Own Vows

Besides all of the amazing little details and decisions that weddings involve, many couples find themselves with another wedding day choice, whether or not to write their own vows. And while we love traditional vows in their many forms, there’s a special place in our hearts for those super personal, tearful, joyous, and even downright fun vows our couples have written in the past. Lucky for us, one of our cutie pie couples from last year, Ryan and Cristina, were able to give us insight on this cool little ceremony trend.

What inspired you and your spouse to write your own vows?

Cristina: “Ryan told me I had to write my own vows. Other than that, writing your own vows makes the ceremony more personal and intimate.”
Ryan: “Growing up, I watched a lot of rom-coms and always wanted to write my own vows. Also, I knew how much and why I loved Cristina, but not everyone else did, so it was my opportunity to tell everyone myself.”

How long did it take you to write your own vows?
Cristina: “On and off for a few months.”
Ryan: “When I proposed to Cristina 18 months before our wedding, I had memorized a long speech that I was supposed to say before proposing, but I forgot the entire speech when the time came, so I used parts of that speech to create my vows. Then, on and off until the wedding, I kept a document of sentences or quotes that I wanted to include. I wrote my final vows about a month before the wedding.”

What was your favorite part of writing your own vows?
: “Being able to express my love for Ryan.”
Ryan: “Of course, expressing my love for Cristina. But, there was this quote from J.D. Salinger that I had read when I was in high school (Cristina and I started dating at 17) and I always felt that it summarized how I felt about Cristina, but I never shared the quote with her until our wedding day. So, it was pretty exciting to share that after all these years.”

What advice do you have for couples considering writing their own vows?
Ryan: “While writing your vows is a nice way to express your love and say nice things about your significant other, at the end of the day, it's your choice and, while it is a chance to make the ceremony fun and intimate, it's really just about the person standing across from you.”

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Real Weddings - Southwestern Inspired Wedding Traditions

One of the best parts about living in the Southwest is all of the amazing culture we are surrounded by and get to experience every single day. And trust us when we say that we absolutely adore when couples incorporate some of our favorite Southwestern, and a few uniquely New Mexican, traditions into their wedding celebrations. Over the last few years some of our favorite highlights have been mariachi led parades around the historic Santa Fe Plaza, cactus shaped cookies (and pretty much cactus shaped everything), brightly colored florals, hand painted tiles, turquoise jewelry, bolo ties/southwestern inspired style, and, of course, Conchita the Tequila Donkey! We can’t wait to see how our future lovers will bring the flavor of our amazing state to their special day!

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Chris + Alexa at La Fonda on the Plaza
Matthew + Kendall at La Posada de Santa Fe
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Thommy + Kathryn at Hubbell House
Derek + Brigitte at La Fonda on the Plaza
Rocky Mountain Bride Editorial at Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm

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Wedding + Engagement Rings - Second Edition

If you know one thing about our little team (and probably most wedding photogs out there), its that we have a major soft spot for gorgeous rings. From the classic square- cut beauties to the custom, wildly unique rings we love every single one that we get to capture. We’ll probably never get enough of these precious gems, keep ‘em coming lovers!!!

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Real Weddings - Winter Reception Inspo

During the chilliest months of the year, the weather might be windy, cold, and unpredictable, but we can’t help but gush over the cozy reception arrangements our brides and grooms make for winter weddings! From moody floral arrangements paired with black and gold accents to festive boho details and designs to the more subtle and soft color palettes, we’re overall smitten with weddings during this season! Scroll through to find your latest obsession and follow any of the links below to see our favorite design teams and florists in action on some of our favorite wedding days!

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Marble Daydreams Bridal Shoot
Derek + Brigitte at La Fonda on the Plaza
Matthew + Alysia at El Monte Sagrado
Josue + Brandy at Noah’s Event Venue

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Elopement + Intimate Wedding Advice

As much as we love the big weddings and the fun energy and big amazing wedding parties they bring, elopements and intimate weddings have an incredibly special place in our hearts. There is something so special about capturing couples as they profess their love and promise their lives to each other with just a few of their closest friends and family. We’re forever living for these organic moments and the couples who ask us to be a part of such incredibly sweet days.

We asked one of our past brides, Mallory, who had a very intimate elopement/wedding, for any advice she may have for couples who are considering a more non-traditional ceremony route.

  • On why they chose to have an intimate ceremony (only surrounded by super close friends/family)
    Mallory: “Neither of us are fond of being the center of attention, and it made more sense for us to be with our families for an intimate ceremony. Cost (or lack of) was also a plus to this decision. Since graduating college was still half a year away, I didn’t want to stress anyone out with a big wedding cost. I was only interested in spending money on great photographs (which I definitely received) since these would be the thing we would be looking back on for years to come.”

  • The best part of having a small wedding
    Mallory: “No stress!  Being 26, I was one of the last of my friends to be the bride instead of the bridesmaid. I have seen some throw up the day of, and almost all of them cried from all the worrying over every little detail. I wanted zero part of that, haha.”

  • Advice for couples considering an elopement or intimate wedding
    Mallory: “Just decide what is most important to you and go for it. It’s a day to celebrate y’all, and if having EVERYONE there is something you need, more power to you! I think it comes down to what most brides have pictured their whole lives as being their ‘perfect wedding’. For me, my perfect wedding was the lace dress and my groom.”

Photos by Alicia of Alicia Lucia Photography
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