Wedding Inspo - A Wedding Band or A Wedding DJ?

There are soooo many incredible wedding day choices to make before you walk down the aisle and say “I do”, but perhaps one of the easier & more exciting decisions is whether to hire a band or a DJ for your big day. Here’s a few different things to consider when choosing between the two.

Things to Consider

- Wedding Style: What type of wedding are you planning? Is it going to be an elegant destination affair? A big band or a string quartet might be your best bet. Are you throwing an all night dance party after your vows? An experienced DJ that knows all of your favorite tunes & can bring in some fun light features might be a good choice.

- Cost: While both can be a costly investment (rightfully so), bands tend to be on the more expensive side due to the nature of live music. DJs tend to be the less costly option, but it’s important to find one that is truly experienced and will listen to all your requests.

- Type of Music: Bands can be great when you want musicians that can amp up an entire room and bring their own unique personalities to their music and performance. Plus, there’s just something magical about having live, in-your-face music. Meanwhile, DJs are able to play a large variety of songs/take requests from guests, & create an awesome ambiance all while working as stellar MCs for the entire reception.. Something that even the most amazing live bands sometimes lack in (taking the lead role of mc).

Featured Bands - Diamond Empire Band, Bounce Band, Caldwell Entertainment

Featured DJs - Cutmaster Music, Dream Factory Productions

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