Fave Weddings: Alicia's Picks

In addition to introducing our little team, we wanted to reflect back on some of our personal favorite moments from last year’s incredible lineup of weddings. Our girl Alicia told us what her fave moments were and why on the blog this week!!

”It's so hard to narrow down "favorites" because I love all of our brides and grooms and they all bring something so completely different and memorable to each wedding day, but here are some stand out weddings/wedding moments: 

Brigitte + Derek: B+D's day was absolutely glorious in every way possible. Jaclyn and I have this joke about how they are the "gift that keeps on giving". Beyond the fact they are a stunning family and all around so laid back and chill, they also were so completely trusting and open to every suggestion and every idea. First look? Sure! Change our ceremony time to a bit earlier so we can sneak off at dusk and take photos? Absolutely! Shoot in a wide open space in the dead of winter with heels and a dress on? Why not?! They were a freaking dream all around. Love you all so much!

Alysia + Matt and Scott + Leanne: Hands down, BEST FIRST DANCE SONGS EVERRRR!! I still hear their song choices and immediately it takes me back to their wedding and their dance and instantly get chills!

Alexa + Chris: Their details were too.die.for and they had such a fun post ceremony mariachi parade! It was a fun way to kick off our summer wedding lineup!

Dustin + Ashley: They had the most heartfelt vows to each other! Still gives me goosies. And their reception was.a.BLAST!

Kaya + Matthew: VIEWS for days!! Loved how in love they are each other, and it made their bride + groom portraits a breeeeze. 

Taylor + Kirk: their lavender toss and the sweet candid post lavender toss shots are forever a favorite.. so freaking beautiful!

Lauren + David: Sweetest groom ever, will never ever forget how intentional he was in soaking up the whole day, absolutely mesmerized by his beautiful bride and thoroughly enjoying and taking in the whole reception! His brother's speech is still one of my all time favorites and makes me tear up! So dang sweet! Also they had the best dance party!! 

Elizabeth + Randy: Basically everything about their day from the sweet hacienda Elizabeth got ready too, to their epic/eclectic/true to them venue choice but the most touching moment of all was Elizabeth's dad's sweet words to his daughter and the way he honored her late mom. It really touched my heart and everyone elses! 

Cassie + Tyler: Loved their fun twist on southwestern decor and how they made the most of their day even though it poured rain all day! 

Ryan and Christina: Most definitely the most fun and down to earth wedding party ever!

Shaun + Jessie: Not even sure where to start with these two. I know every wedding is a new favorite, but they sure have a special place in my heart forever and ever and ever. These two are destined for forever!!

Shelby + Mack: The best way to wrap up 2018! They truly put their all into every detail of the day down to their song choices at the reception! So light hearted, so fun, and the adoration these two have for each other was truly moving to get to witness and photograph!!”

Photos by Alicia + Ashley + Bre of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography