Elopement + Intimate Wedding Advice

As much as we love the big weddings and the fun energy and big amazing wedding parties they bring, elopements and intimate weddings have an incredibly special place in our hearts. There is something so special about capturing couples as they profess their love and promise their lives to each other with just a few of their closest friends and family. We’re forever living for these organic moments and the couples who ask us to be a part of such incredibly sweet days.

We asked one of our past brides, Mallory, who had a very intimate elopement/wedding, for any advice she may have for couples who are considering a more non-traditional ceremony route.

  • On why they chose to have an intimate ceremony (only surrounded by super close friends/family)
    Mallory: “Neither of us are fond of being the center of attention, and it made more sense for us to be with our families for an intimate ceremony. Cost (or lack of) was also a plus to this decision. Since graduating college was still half a year away, I didn’t want to stress anyone out with a big wedding cost. I was only interested in spending money on great photographs (which I definitely received) since these would be the thing we would be looking back on for years to come.”

  • The best part of having a small wedding
    Mallory: “No stress!  Being 26, I was one of the last of my friends to be the bride instead of the bridesmaid. I have seen some throw up the day of, and almost all of them cried from all the worrying over every little detail. I wanted zero part of that, haha.”

  • Advice for couples considering an elopement or intimate wedding
    Mallory: “Just decide what is most important to you and go for it. It’s a day to celebrate y’all, and if having EVERYONE there is something you need, more power to you! I think it comes down to what most brides have pictured their whole lives as being their ‘perfect wedding’. For me, my perfect wedding was the lace dress and my groom.”

Photos by Alicia of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography