Spring Wedding Style

As warmer weather approaches us and flowers begin to bloom, we can't wait for all of the seriously gorgeous spring weddings to come in the next few months! This year we wanted to take a look back at some of our all time favorite spring weddings and to give all of our future brides out there some really amazing ideas!

Our friends at The Black Tux not only offer some pretty amazing suit and tuxedo rentals for weddings, but they also gave us some major color palette inspiration! Check out the three beautiful weddings below and the tips we have for each idea!

Wedding #1: Shawna + Derek
These lovers had the epitome of pastels for their special day. From gorgeous, flowy bridesmaid dresses to dark navy suits paired with subtle green ties, this wedding combined the best of both modern and traditional wedding ideas. Also, how amazing was that floral bedecked swing?!

Wedding #2:  Keith + Claire
In this wedding, the bride and groom had a totally different take on a traditional spring wedding. Instead of using only light pastels, they combined deep reds and bright pops of fuchia with lush green tones and soft pinks. The groom wore a simple, yet classic black tux while the bride opted for a stunning blush toned gown.

Wedding #3: Joaquin + Alexandra
Our final wedding in this spring style blog focused on subtle neutrals for a clean, elegant vibe. The groomsmen wore  deep navy suits paired with soft grey ties and the bridesmaids wore varying natural shades to put on modern spin on this classic wedding.  The bride chose a lavish white gown and it was truly the cherry on top!

Photos by Alicia Padilla and Ashley Shaw of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn Younger of Alicia Lucia Photography