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Below you'll find what our standard timeline would look like with a first look (we use 15 minute increments so that we are all accounted for where we need to be at that exact time). If you decided on not doing a first look then you can just bump everything up 15 min. 1:00 bridal prep -- Lead Photographer arrives and photographs prep/detail shots (please have everything laid out that you would like photographed --- including dress, shoes, jewelry, rings, bouquet, bring an extra invitation suite if you'd like that included as well) 1:15 bridesmaids to put on dresses // final touches on bride hair and makeup 1:30 groom prep and portraits (2nd photographer arrives) 1:45 bride puts on dress // bridal portraits (time permitting)/bride with MOB/FOB/bridal party portraits if applicable 2:00 first look 2:15 wedding party photos 2:30 ceremony 2:30 traditional family portraits (please be sure all immediate family members you'd like photographed are aware to be present at this time) 3:00 finish up any wedding party photos 3:30 romantic portraits (sunset is around 5pm in the winter) 4:45 reception announcement/dinner 5:30 toast 5:45 mother/son father daughter dance 6:00 first dance 6:15 cake cutting 6:30 garter/bout toss (if applicable) and/or open dancing coverage 7:00 photographer departure
Names of ALL vendors (wedding coordinator, officiant, florist, attire (gown/groom/groomsmen/bridesmaid), stationary, dj, baker, calligrapher, etc.)
Confirmation address (of venue) and ALL exact locations of where all the events are happening on site (prep, ceremony, reception). For example if your wedding is at La Posada, please state where your ceremony will take place (patio, lawn, ballroom, etc.)
Aside from the usual couple portraits and family/wedding party, please notate special family shots you are wanting (limit to no more than ten groupings). This is not a standard shot list you find online, as per our contract we do not accept photo shot lists, this is more of refined guide, so very specific details of your day that might be missed or certain people that are super important to you that is again, outside of the standard wedding list. For example, "a candid shot of family traveling from out of state" (find best man to gather family for this shot), or a heirloom that is a part of your day, nursing school buddy shot etc. etc. No need to list bride with brides family, bride with mom, but more the unique groupings we might not know to get! Also please note any funky family dynamics that we need to be made aware of, for example "don't place ___ next to ___ during family portraits", or "please don't ask for solo shots of ____ and ___ as they are no longer together".
Please specify how many on each side (4 bm, 4gm, 1 fg)
If you don't plan on booking a day of coordinator (this is not your catering/venue manager), please send us the name and contact info of a designated person who is familiar with ALL the logistics and details of your day and someone who is available to gather family and wedding party.