Senior Wardrobe & Session Tips

Horray!! The hard part is done and out of the way: you booked your senior session, we found a time and date that works for you, and you have invested in capturing these awesome memories! We are truly appreciative of you for knowing how important it is to document this beautiful time in your life & are sincerely grateful that you chose us to capture it! 

From here it is smooth sailing! The next step would be to start brainstorming colors and themes and getting your wardrobe picked out for your shoot. I've compiled a few examples of fabulous wardrobe choices from past seniors, that have helped my clients visually, in coming up with fantastic wardrobe options! Remember the key is not to be necessarily matchy-matchy but more to choose complimenting colors and/or patterns. Don't be afraid to accessorize! Adding a hat, statement jewelry or layers of clothing will really help in making your photos "pop"! Please keep wardrobe options to 2-3 at most, anything more than that can be overwhelming also please note, we shoot in the great outdoors, so anywhere from Old Town, Downtown, to the Bosque and if wardrobe changes are needed, we will try to find the most discrete area for you to swap out your clothes. Some of our seniors will layer clothes/wardrobe and make a few different outfits out of the layered pieces (i.e. wardrobe 1: dress, with flannel/cardigan tied around waist and converse shoes, 2: dress with cardigan/flannel worn on, 3: just dress with heels/wedges). Just something to think about when creating your wardrobe options!!


The biggest piece of advice I give my seniors, is to come to your session relaxed and calm. Our emotions are easily picked up on camera, so I invite you to sit back and enjoy our time together, trust me and my professionalism and we will create some absolutely gorgeous images. I will come with tons of ideas on poses, will do my best to chase the best, most beautiful light for our shoot! Your job is just to be yourself, whether it be serious and edgy, or silly and cutesy.. be yourself and let me do all the work! 

Speaking of light --- because i'm primarily an on location photographer light plays one of the most important roles for an absolutely beautiful session. It is because of this that I am very selective of the time of day I shoot. I will never shoot at high noon (12pm). This is when the sun is directly above us and creates really harsh shadows. I tend to shoot 1.5-2 hours  before sunset. Why you ask? --  because its soft, its golden, it is truly romantic, and I know in my heart you will understand why the big fuss on light and time, once we shoot! Sooo you're telling me we can’t shoot any other time of day? We absolutely can, however locations are limited as we will mainly shoot under shade. I super encourage you to find an evening (late afternoon if it is in Late October-March) that works with both of our schedules but I know this can't always happen and I am more than happy to accommodate you. Again, please keep in mind that location options are a bit more limited.

As our session approaches, I stalk the forecast like a hawk.  Rain (above 20% chance), high winds (30mph gusts) and frigid cold are some of the reasons for rescheduled sessions. Keep in mind cloudy/over cast days can cast more cooler/ duller tones to your final photographs (another reason why light can make or break a session), so I can't guarantee you'll see the warm/soft/dewy photos you see in my portfolio for days when it is way to overcast.  I will get in touch approximately 24-48 hours before your shoot to confirm your date and set the final time.

If shooting in the summer and we are shooting outdoors, I would reccomend a light coat of sunscreen and plenty of bug spray (ESPECIALLY if you opted for a wooded location). For Fall & Winter shoots please layer, it gets chilly out there! Speaking of the woods/trails, the terrain is extremely rough and uneven so please bring a change of shoes if you are wearing sandals or heels!


Okay! We've shot your session, and you’re so super excited to see all of your beautiful photos! Turn around time is approximately 14 business days. I absolutely know how difficult it is to wait for something you’re completely pumped about, so we pride ourselves in our quick turn around time of a week to two weeks at most.

When your images are completely, beautifully color corrected and edited, I will upload your images to an online gallery.  Backup USBs are available upon request (additional fee), however the instant effect of downloads are amazing! No waiting what so ever! The online gallery holds all of your full resolution images and you can download immediately. You are welcome to send them off for print that day (I can only guarantee/stand by the print quality of my lab and ordering directly on the gallery), or upload them straight to Facebook (with appropriate credit to our photography business please)!

Welp, that is pretty much it! If you think of anything else or have any more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! I tend to be at my desk Monday-Wednesdays, and early morning to late afternoon is the best time to try and call me. I will do my best  to get back to emails within 2-3 business days, and I promise to return voicemails within 48 hours. I can not wait for our session together!!!!