albuquerque maternity photography

First off CONGRATULATIONS! What an absolute special and exciting time in your life. I'm thrilled to hear that you are interested in documenting your pregnancy through photography & am extremely humbled that you have chosen my photographic voice to capture it! Here are some tips and tricks I have compiled to help your session go as smoothly & as beautifully as possible! 

  • Bring along any special outfit, toy, blanket, or gift that you have for your new baby that you would like documented in your session.
  • Wear your makeup as you normally would, while using only makeup with matte finishes. You may want to add just a touch more mascara/eye liner than usual, to enhance the eyes in your portraits.
  • If interested in bare belly shots, keep in mind tight fitting clothing may leave marks/indentations on your belly. For about an hour or two before your session, I recommend that you do not wear any tight fitting pants or clothes with elastic around your belly. We can utilize that outfit as your last!
  • Apply moisturizing lotion on your belly before your photo-shoot & any other areas that usually get dry.
  • If possible, please make sure your nails (and toes, if wearing sandals/barefoot shots) are manicured, as they will show in many of your portraits. A nude or light colors do best, especially in black and white portraits.
  • I know how awkward all of this may possibly feel, and I realize most people often times can feel silly in front of the camera (I know I still do) but please just keep in mind that the feeling is perfectly normal and staying relaxed through the session is important, as tense, nervous expressions will certainly show through the photos! Plus, it'll be a great warm up for future portrait sessions with your little one! The best thing I tell my clients is to try and focus on the positive emotions you're experiencing and feeling and try to keep them in mind during your entire session. When you really start to anticipate the excitement & joy of your new baby, it can totally show in your faces and body language. Use those added hormones to your advantage!

What should I wear?

What should I wear?  This is the most asked question I get from expecting moms before their session and it’s a fabulous one!  Here are some tips on wardrobe:

  • Don't hide your bump! We need to see it, that's the point ;)
  • Clothes that cling are usually your best bet and are more flattering (think: tight tank with a cardigan or scarf for detail).
  • Speaking of detail.. BEST TIME EVERRRRR to accessorize with jewelry, scarves, or fun shoes because once you have that baby, fashion might not be high on your agenda :\ ...Dad this is a perfect opportunity for you to compliment your glowing momma to be's attire! Contrast colors are best (Example seen above - navy blue maxi dress with a black polo)!
  • If you are a jean girl - dark jeans. ALWAYS. Rule of thumb!
  • Flowy/maxi dresses are so wonderful - lets rock that out if that's your style!
  • Clothing can also really depend on the location and theme that you pick out for your session. So if we are thinking somewhere urban/downtown then maybe boots and pops of color would be fun. If you are thinking more natural opt for lighter and more neutral tones and casual apparel.
  • Feel free to email me or text message me photos of your options and I can help you pick!
albuquerque maternity photography