So we got you all booked for your session! Yay! We can not wait to document your love for each other and to get to know you both more. But before then, we've prepared this guide to give you further insight into what a session will look like, help with wardrobe, and more! Let's start with brainstorming colors and getting wardrobe picked out. I've compiled a few visual examples of great wardrobe choices from past couples, as well as a few inspiration boards throughout our guide that have helped past clients in coming up with fantastic color choices! 


From our experience, it seems like keeping the colors neutral (think taupes, greys, creams) is most complimenting to our southwestern landscapes. From there, you can always add accessories (hats, vests, subtle patterned layers, coats, fresh florals, etc) to add color, character and dimension! Once you chose your outfits, we kindly ask that you give us your 100% of your trust and let us do all the work. Try to arrive to your shoot calm and relaxed and know that you are in great hands. Our emotions are so very easily picked up on camera, so we encourage you to sit back and enjoy our time together. When you really start to anticipate the excitement & joy of your upcoming wedding, it can totally show in your faces and body language. So forget the to-do list and endless emails and use those added emotions to your advantage... love and flirt and cuddle with your significant other! Tell them how much they mean to you. Hug them and kiss them -- gentleman, surprise your lady with a dip and kiss them, maybe pick them up unexpectedly. While we don't expect you to remember all of this and show up knowing exactly what to do, we will help guide you into those sweet, simple poses you see on our portfolio. We will do our best to chase the most beautiful light for our shoot, and your job is just to simply be your sweet selves.

flirt, cuddle, hug, whisper, laugh, kiss.


We are primarily on location photographers so light plays one of, if not the most important roles for an absolutely beautiful session. It is because of this that we are very selective of the time of day we shoot. We never shoot our sessions at high noon (12pm). This is when the sun is directly above us and creates really harsh shadows. I tend to shoot 45min-1 hourbefore dusk. Why you ask? --  because its soft, its golden, it is truly romantic, and we  know in our heart you will understand why the big fuss on light and time, once we shoot! Sooo you're telling me we can’t shoot any other time of day? We absolutely can, however locations are limited as we will mainly shoot under shade. We super encourage you to find an evening (late afternoon, if it is in Late October-March) that works with both of our schedules but I know this can't always happen and I am more than happy to accommodate you. Again, please keep in mind that location options are a bit more limited.

keep this golden light speech of mine in mind for when finalizing your wedding timeline!


As our session approaches, we stalk the forecast like a hawk.  Rain (even just above 20% chance), high winds (15-30mph gusts) and frigid cold are some of the reasons for rescheduled sessions. Also keep in mind cloudy/overcast days can cause a more cooler and often times duller tones to your final photographs (another reason why light can make or break a session), so we simply can't guarantee you'll see the warm/soft/dewy photos you see in my portfolio for days when it is way too overcast. Don't fret though -we will get in touch approximately 24-48 hours before your shoot to confirm your date and set the final time. 

subtle wind movement can add a magical flair to your photographs, but 20mph wind gusts in a dress is not the most complimenting!

new mexico engagement photography

We always encourage our beautiful brides to consider getting their hair and makeup professionally done for their session. It not only enhances your natural beauty when it is professionally done but is always nice to get dolled up (we've only ever gotten positive feedback from suggesting this)! Of course absolutely no pressure as we know it not always works out or you simply aren't that kinda gal, however most makeup and hair artists will honor a trial for your bridal look --so take advantage of this for your engagement shoot and knock out two birds with one stone! 

Here are some great hair & makeup options for your big day:

Genica // Genica Lee Makeup

Alanna // Betty Rose By Alanna

Christy // C.Johnson Makeup

Kata // Kata Makeup

new mexico engagement photography

Okay! We've shot your session, and you’re so super excited to see all of your beautiful photos! Turn around time is approximately 1.5-2 weeks. We absolutely know how difficult it is to wait for something you’re completely pumped about, so don't forget to "Like" our Facebook and Instagram! We will try to post a preview from our session. You are welcome to tag yourself, share with family and friends, and/or make your profile picture but please don't download/edit/alter in anyway or try to print. These are set up for Facebook quality so they are low-res and compressed files.

When your images are completely, beautifully color corrected and edited, I will upload your images to an online gallery. The online gallery holds all of your full resolution images and you can download immediately. You are welcome to order directly from their/our pro lab, email to friends and family or upload them straight to Facebook (with appropriate credit to our photography business please)! 

We tend to be at our desk Tuesday-Thursday's and early morning to late afternoon is the best time to try and call us. We will do our best to get back to emails within 1-2 business days, and we promise to return voicemails within 48 hours.

We can not wait for our session together!!!!

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