Valentine's Day Special - Our Fave First Kiss Moments

With V-Day right around the corner, our little team wanted to do something extra special in honor of the sweet season of love. Right now we’re crushing major on wedding first kisses, you know, those crazy, oh-so-sweet, I can’t believe we finally did it first moments of becoming newlyweds. Something about seeing couples loving on each other just moments after saying “I do” makes our hearts skip a beat. Here’s to those babes who express their love and adoration for each other in the boldest, most romantic ways!

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Photos by Alicia + Ashley + Bre of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography

Fave Weddings - Jaclyn's Picks

Finishing off our team wedding picks is our Social Media Manager Jaclyn with some of her fave, most swooning worthy moments.

“Its honestly so difficult for me to pinpoint three or four weddings that I love more than all the others because for me its usually a few shots from weddings and engagements that draw me in. Alicia and I always joke about how much I love non-traditional shots so thats exactly what this blog post is full of. Some of the photos are so obviously unique that anyone can see why I adore them, but I’d have to say that each and every photo in this blog made me pause on first glance and they’re photos I continually go back to when curating for social media. Alicia, Ashley, and Bre are sooo beyond talented at capturing love and I’ve spent a whole lot of time curating all of the engagements and weddings that go up on the blog, so narrowing down my faves was insanely hard for me. For me, these photos grab at something beyond just love, they’re authentic and what I envision when I think of how to emulate true love in the real world. I love all of the blogs I’ve put out, but this is by far my favorite.”

Photos by Alicia, Ashley, and Bre of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography

ALP: Meet Our 2019 Girl Squad

At the beginning of another beautiful year, all of us at Alicia Lucia Photography wanted to reintroduce ourselves and let you know just how incredibly excited we are for 2019! Even though our cutie team has changed a little bit in the past 12 months our goal is still (and always will be the same), to capture authentic, wildly romantic love right in the moment. We’re so honored to work with all of the incredible couples and their families who put their complete trust in us for their wedding days and we are beyond excited for all the amazing love stories we’ll be capturing in the new year. Each one of our little girl squad brings something unique and amazingly authentic to the table, making stellar wedding day moments more real than ever. Cheers to all of the crazy, gorgeous, sweep you-off-your-feet moments to come!

Alicia Padilla
Our sweet little founder and lead photographer Alicia is the mastermind behind our magical dream team. She’s been capturing organic, breathtaking moments of true love at weddings, engagements, and family sessions. Alicia also adores shooting styled sessions with some of our fave girl bosses her in the New Mexico wedding community. When she’s not behind the camera or at her computer dazzling us with her gorgeous editing, you can find her snuggling with her husband and two kids, being crafty with some of the most swoon worthy home projects, or adventuring out into our amazing Southwestern state!

Ashley Shaw
As Alicia’s right hand photog girl since 2013, Ashley knows how to capture love stories with a whimsical, carefree, and genuine air! She has an eye for detail and posing that absolutely stuns our couples with her awe-inspiring work. Ashley’s sweet smile and incredible work ethic make her such a gem to collaborate with on those long wedding days! Outside of weddings and engagements, Ashley spends her days busy raising four kiddos with her amazing college sweetheart!

Breanna Bloomquist
Alicia’s longtime friend and studiomate Bre officially joined our squad in 2018, proving that she not only can do incredible job as a second shooter, but knows how to step up as a total boss lady in the role of lead photographer on wedding days! With 8 years of photography experience, Bre not only knows how to capture the authentic moments we so adore, but she knows how to make wedding days incredibly fun! From endless laughs on long days to capturing details perfectly to keeping groomsmen in check (the hardest task of all tbh) this girl knows how to make long shooting days a breeze! When she’s not shooting with the ALP squad, Bre’s passion is capturing newborns and maternity sessions with her own photography company Blooming Images. Bre also loves hanging with her sweet hubby and two girls!

Jaclyn Younger
One of the latest additions to the ALP squad, Jaclyn joined our team in January 2018 as social media manager! In addition to running our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest alongside Alicia, Jaclyn also creates and curates for our blog, everything from our wedding and engagement blogs to more editorial and trend driven blogs (from groom style features to our favorite wedding cakes). Last summer, this girl also started assisting on weddings with our team and is another fun little aspect of our wedding days and shoots. From capturing behind the scenes moments for ig to handling equipment to running errands around venues to (occasionally) valeting a car or two she’s a real life “Jac” of all trades. Jaclyn also dances professionally in the Albuquerque area. She is so excited to stay with ALP for 2019 and can’t wait for more magic!

A big thank you to our girl Brittney of Brittney Mundy Photography for these lovely photos!! I love them so much!

Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography

2018; A Recap of Our Year

Dear 2018 couples and friends,
This year was a breathtaking, wildly amazing year for the Alicia Lucia Photography Team. From spending extra time at some of our favorite venues, to getting the opportunity of exploring new locations with incredible couples. Besides the glorious details of every single wedding we shot, we couldn’t help but reflect on each and every couple we got to spend time with this year. We rounded up a stand-out shot from every last wedding, engagement, and styled shoot we captured this year. We so loved looking back on all of the genuine love and wonderful little love stories we got to be part of this year.

Cheers to all our our couples and vendors, thank you for choosing us to help you begin the next chapter — we love each and every one of you!!

The ALP Team

Photos by Alicia + Ashley + Bre + Jen of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography

Behind the Scenes with the Alicia Lucia Team

With shooting 30+ weddings, engagements, and editorials this year, 2018 took our little team to some of the prettiest places in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and the surrounding areas. Here’s a teeny look at the behind the scenes of our girl squad doing what we do best, celebrating and capturing love over and over again!!!

Photos by Alicia, Ashley, Bre, Jen of Alicia Lucia Photography as well as other local photographer friends
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography