Fave Weddings - Jaclyn's Picks

Finishing off our team wedding picks is our Social Media Manager Jaclyn with some of her fave, most swooning worthy moments.

“Its honestly so difficult for me to pinpoint three or four weddings that I love more than all the others because for me its usually a few shots from weddings and engagements that draw me in. Alicia and I always joke about how much I love non-traditional shots so thats exactly what this blog post is full of. Some of the photos are so obviously unique that anyone can see why I adore them, but I’d have to say that each and every photo in this blog made me pause on first glance and they’re photos I continually go back to when curating for social media. Alicia, Ashley, and Bre are sooo beyond talented at capturing love and I’ve spent a whole lot of time curating all of the engagements and weddings that go up on the blog, so narrowing down my faves was insanely hard for me. For me, these photos grab at something beyond just love, they’re authentic and what I envision when I think of how to emulate true love in the real world. I love all of the blogs I’ve put out, but this is by far my favorite.”

Photos by Alicia, Ashley, and Bre of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography