Real Weddings - Flower Girl Inspo

While brides are the queens of weddings, we can’t help but have a huge soft spot for the other special little ladies on wedding days, precious flower girls! Chalked full of personality and lots of energy, flower girls are always an incredible highlight of weddings. From wearing the fluffiest, tiniest gowns to racing down the aisle moments before the bride is escorted by her father to (literally) dancing the night away, flower girls never stop going on wedding days! We adore these cute little babes and all of the innocence and love they bring to weddings.

Real Life Love Stories
Mack + Shelby at Four Seasons Santa Fe
Tyler + Cassie at La Posada de Santa Fe
Scott + Leanne at SITE Santa Fe
Tyler + Jordan at La Fonda on the Plaza
Ryan + Cristina at Prairie Star
Chris + Alexa at La Fonda on the Plaza
Gary + April at La Mesita Ranch Estate
Michael + Caitlin in Old Town Albuquerque + El Zocalo
Randy + Elizabeth at the Santa Fe Opera
Derek + Brigitte at La Fonda on the Plaza
Loren + Julia at Four Seasons Santa Fe
Patrick + Sydnie at La Fonda on the Plaza
Braden + Emmaly at Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm
Ammera + Nicole at Angel Fire Resort

Weddings by the Alicia Lucia Photography Team
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography

Wedding Inspiration - Wedding Favors

A favorite little wedding day details that our team adores is wedding guest favors. Whether they’re small and thoughtful or more involved, this tiny little ‘thank you’ isn’t quickly overlooked by guests. And while they’re not a mandatory wedding day item, they certainly go the extra mile in making guests feel extra love and appreciation on your special day. Our friends over at Forever Wedding Favors sent us some of their amazing, favorite thank you gifts and we found our personal faves from the last few years!

Photos by Alicia, Ashley, and Bre of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography

Valentine's Day Special - Our Fave Romantics

It finally Valentine’s Day and, for us, saying that its one of our favorite holidays is a huge understatement. We ADORE this day and how everyone celebrates the people that they love the most! We are so lucky to have a job that lets us not only hang with the cutest couples, but allows us to witness love on a regular basis! We seriously wish we could put every single romantic on this blog, but we rounded up a few of our standouts from the last few years to give everyone a little taste! We hope you spent today feeling loved and spreading love!!!

Photos by Alicia, Ashley, and Bre of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography

Groom Reactions

Wedding days are filled with so many emotions from absolute joy to giddy excitement to nervousness, we never really know what each day will bring! However, one of our favorite, heartstring-pulling moments is groom reactions. Those real, authentic looks and tears get to us every single time. and seeing grooms lose it over their brides is something that we never forget. We hope that every single person finds a soulmate that looks like him or her like these lovers do, its one of the most unreal, incredible parts of our jobs.

See all of our favorite moments from the past few years and click on any of the couples listed below to see their entire love story and view their vendors.

Wedding Venues + Real Love Stories
Eldorado Hotel and Spa - Brian + Ashley
La Posada de Santa Fe - Tyler + Cassie, Walker + Addie
Paa-ko Ridge Golf Club - Josh + Delaney
Prairie Star Restaurant and Wine Bar - Ryan + Cristina
Los Pobalnos Historic Inn and Organic Farm - Dustin + Ashley, Crystal + Amy
Noah’s Event Venue - Josue + Brandy
La Fonda on the Plaza - Derek + Brigitte
Four Seasons Santa Fe - Alex + Marcela
Hotel Albuquerque - Dillon + Stephanie
Loretto Chapel - Kirk + Taylor
Angel Fire Resort - Ammera + Nicole

Photos by Alicia + Ashley + Bre + Jen of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn of Alicia Lucia Photography

Ammera + Nicole, an Angel Fire Wedding

On a gorgeous summer day in the mountains of northern New Mexico,  Ammera and Nicole said "I do" at Angel Fire Resort. These lovers had a ceremony and reception that was rustic, romantic, and totally swoon-worthy.  From their moving vows (no but really I was bawling my eyeballs out) to their amazing details, this wedding had all the makings of a true fairytale. We loved capturing every second of this spectacular day and remarkable happy ever after.

Venue - Angel Fire Resort
Officiant - Dan Jones
Bridal Gown - Oleg Cassini
Bridal Shoes - Alex Marie
Florals - Elegante Florals
Cake - Jocelyn's Cakes
DJ - Oliver Knight

Photography by Alicia Padilla of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog and Photo Curation by Jaclyn Younger of Alicia Lucia Photography