Rehearsal Dinner Planning | Alex + Marcela

Its all in the details!

One of our FAVORITE parts about weddings are the rehearsal dinners! Last December Alex and Marcela with the help of the INCOMPARABLE  Jessie Baca (designer/planner) set a whole new standard for dinner goals. Bold colors were mixed with soft, whimsical details to give guests the prefect prelude to this couple's amazing wedding that took place a few days later at Four Seasons Santa Fe. Here are some of our favorite tips.

I. Setting the Mood (and the table)
One of our favorite aspects of rehearsal dinners is how couples use colors to really accent the night. Using bold colors like deep reds and bright blues for placeholders and menus not only stand out, but they also compliment simple white tablecloths and classic tablewares.

II. Those Magic Details
Rehearsal dinners are also the perfect time to show off special little details about you and your future spouse. Alex and Marcela incorporated gorgeous little paper butterflies to show off the softer, more romantic aspect of their relationship. They also added strings of fairy lights and tea lights to set the mood just right.

III. Wrapping It All Up
A detail that never goes unnoticed and can go a long way in thanking guests for being part of your special dinner are gifts. They can range in anything from something sweet and sentimental to something local that ties into where your wedding will take place. Be sure to check out the amazing little gift bags Alex and Marcela gave their loved ones.

Photos by Alicia Padilla of Alicia Lucia Photography
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