Bride + Groom Gifts

During the prep hours for most weddings, gifts are exchanged between the bride and groom while the bridesmaids and groomsmen are also given gifts as tokens of gratitude from the future Mr. and Mrs. We've come up with a few simple, yet thoughtful ideas for these gifts.

For the Bride from the Groom
Flower: simple yet oh so romantic
Jewelry: earrings or a bracelet for the bride to wear during the ceremony and reception

For the Groom from the Bride
A Watch: one that matches your future husband's style, whether its classic, rugged, or vintage
Custom Grooms Box/Wallet Combo: We love this one from Groovy Guy Gifts!

For Groomsmen from the Groom
Tie and Accessories: help your groomsmen out by paying for their tie, supplying a nice tie bar, giving them special cuff links, and/or giving them amazing socks
Other items: a flask with their favorite type of alcohol or food

For Bridesmaids from the Bride
Jewelry: a small bracelet or earrings so that all of your girls can match on your special day
Robes: silky robes to get ready in
Other Accessories: think monogrammed makeup bags, their favorite lipstick or gloss

Photos by Alicia Padilla of Alicia Lucia Photography
Blog + Photo Curation by Jaclyn Younger and Alicia Padilla